From the Archive — British Pathé

The 7 June marks the 90th Anniversary of the ratification of the Lateran Treaty which recognised the Vatican City as a state. It is the smallest state in the world. This collection looks back at the treaty and its signing.

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#Caféconlosamigos — Velehay

Publicado originalmente em Lágrimas y letras: Una tarde tranquila, aunque nubosa que amenazaba lluvia finalmente el sol lució radiante hasta el anochecer, y hoy recibimos una grata visita que esperamos haya llegado para quedarse, bienvenida B. Gradenko, gracias por venir y llenar de aroma a poesía nuestra casa. Mis hermanos poetas gracias, esta ya…

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Ernest Zacharevic New Wall in Turin, Italy — StreetArtNews

Ernest Zacharevic recently spent some time in Italy where he just finished working on a new piece on the streets of Turin. This new artwork by Zacharevic is an awareness concept referencing the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals for the Toward 2030 Project. The piece focuses on the history of the city with the…

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