Professions #poem #poetry #love poem #poetic prose #poetry collection

Motto I get drunk on love, charity, and passion. These are my professions. * I walk into the three days we spent together. On the first day, a nude silence wraps around my lips. Shortly after I can hear the noise of wine poured into glasses. The hour to get drunk on love has come. […]

Professions #poem #poetry #love poem #poetic prose #poetry collection

Fall Fun

Between the lighting on this photoshoot and the distress I felt with so many masks mingling about, this outing was not fun. The energy in general was harsh, ugly, and heavy. I’ve been boycotting this park for months due to horrid management and people wearing masks there. Friends, I go to parks to step away […]

Fall Fun

Donkkapel – Donkchapel (6 foto’s)

Hier zetten we ons avontuur verder… Donklaan in Uitbergen (deelgemeente Berlare). De kapel zou minstens opklimmen tot begin 14de eeuw met mogelijke vergroting of heropbouw in de 15de eeuw. Heden lichtgeel gekaleide kapel op gepikte plint, opgetrokken van kalkzandsteen met verwerking van arduin voor de omlijstingen van de muuropeningen en de afwerking van de geveltop. […]

Donkkapel – Donkchapel (6 foto’s)

Giornata per le vittime dell’immigrazione

Dal 2015 il 3 ottobre viene celebrata la “Giornata nazionale in memoria delle vittime dell’immigrazione”.La ricorrenza è stata istituita in memoria della tragedia di Lampedusa – il naufragio di un’imbarcazione libica che trasportava migranti – avvenuto il 3 ottobre 2013 – in cui persero la vita ben 368 persone. Ripropongo alcuni versi: CAPITOLAZIONE Vomitato dal […]

Giornata per le vittime dell’immigrazione

Trump’s “miracle from God” COVID treatment was developed using abortion tissue

We know the news moves fast and your timeline is already filled with fly memes, but remember when Donald Trump referred to his top-shelf coronavirus treatments as “miracles coming down from God”? Well, one of those “miracles” was only possible thanks to research that utilized abortion tissue. That’s according to Rgeneron Pharmaceuticals, the company that…

Trump’s “miracle from God” COVID treatment was developed using abortion tissue