O silêncio dos bolsonaristas — Catatau

Uma das coisas que mais tenho medo é do silêncio dos “bolsonaristas”. Em geral, eles não empregam um recurso racional num diálogo, senão o da pura e simples adesão e concordância imediata, de comportamento de torcida. Isso porque o que os uniu não é uma proposta positiva, mas a reação contra “isso que está aí”. […]

O silêncio dos bolsonaristas — Catatau

Dear COVID-19(Yes, YOU!!!!,Who Else???)

Dear COVID-19, Ever since you had made your presence known worldwide as early as the beginning of this year 2020 until now with 2020 coming to a close by the end of this month, we have continuously strived to know more about you and how to handle whatever you had given us which unfortunately led […]

Dear COVID-19(Yes, YOU!!!!,Who Else???)

The King is Dead!

American TV and radio host Larry King died yesterday at age 87. He had been a fixture particularly on TV for at least half a century. He’s well-known for his laid back demeanor in interviewing guests with simple yet open-ended questions as well as making the guests feel comfortable to the point of revealing themselves […]

The King is Dead!