EXCLUSIF. L’enquête de police qui accuse Marine Le Pen

REVELATIONS – Témoignages, expertises informatiques… Un rapport de police dévoile un système centralisé dont Marine Le Pen, la présidente du Rassemblement national, était l’organisatrice et la bénéficiaire.

Fonte: EXCLUSIF. L’enquête de police qui accuse Marine Le Pen

30 Minutes With Walnut Ink — scribblah

Here’s a 30 minute pose from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop earlier this week. I like the lying down poses, there’s often some challenging foreshortening, although not this evening. I managed to get the form down on the paper pretty quickly then I had time to just play with the ink – my homemade […]

30 Minutes With Walnut Ink — scribblah

Compost — Source of Inspiration

Organic matter—egg shells, coffee grounds, leaves, grass trimmings, ashes, layered and watered, become rich soil. Why do we buy fertilizer when nature so abundantly provides? What else is Mother Earth trying to teach us that we refuse to see? Look, listen, stay open to receive. Nature gives Ph.D.s!

Compost — Source of Inspiration

COVID-19(21/05/16) — Take a walk-Poem and Essay

誰かが言った。「止まない雨はない」と。  だが、コロナには、終わりがないのかも知れない。少し疑問に思えてきた。もし、終わりがあるとしても、それには、少なくとも、数年かかるだろう。  もし、4年かかるのだとすれば、オリンピックは夏季も冬季も4年延長というのが妥当ではないだろうか。  ただただ、終わりがあることを祈るほかない。 【世界の感染者数と死者数の変化】 DATA 2021/05/17 02:31(日本時間)  感染者数 感染率 死者数 致死率 21/05/16 162,628,759 2.09 3,371,718 2.07 21/05/09 157,819,236 2.02 3,285,756 2.08 21/05/02 152,378,340 1.95 3,195,900 2.10 21/04/25 146,707,516 1.88 3,103,353 2.12 21/04/18 140,887,145 1.81 3,013,818 2.14 21/04/11 135,549,733 1.74 2,930,699 2.16 21/04/04 130,917,035 1.68 2,848,439 2.18 21/03/28 126,844,369 1.63 2,799,114 2.19 21/03/21 123,055,048 1.58 […]

COVID-19(21/05/16) — Take a walk-Poem and Essay

Quando isso passar… — CURIOSIDADES NA INTERNET

Quando tudo isso passar Essa loucura,essa tormenta Quando a tempestade virar sol O dia claro romper a escura noite Quando o horizonte cristalino , Apesar dos pesares,se erguer Majestoso e belo Vamos abrir as janelas Escancarar os sorrisos Abrir a gaiola dos abraços Saudar na feira os amigos O cinema que me aguarde… Um ano… […]

Quando isso passar… — CURIOSIDADES NA INTERNET

Alisson bota o mundo da bola para chorar — Blog do Juca Kfouri

O futebol tem momentos eternos. Neste domingo vivemos um. O Liverpool praticamente perdia a chance de disputar a Champions, porque empatava 1 a 1 com o West Bromwich, já rebaixado, na casa do rival. Os Reds fizeram de tudo e mais um pouco para conseguir o segundo gol, o da virada que manteria acesa a…

Alisson bota o mundo da bola para chorar — Blog do Juca Kfouri