“Azul” – seis poemas inéditos de Daniele Gomez — Duras Letras

Ouriço – de Bruna Emanuele É muito comum ouvir por aí que os diários trazem inúmeros benefícios à vida cotidiana: ajudam contra a ansiedade, preservam a memória, esclarecem sentimentos conturbados, dão destino ao que parece inútil etc. Coisa parecida costuma ser dita sobre a poesia, que, além de fonte de enorme prazer, fornece repertório simbólico, […]

“Azul” – seis poemas inéditos de Daniele Gomez — Duras Letras

Poetry — johncoyote

Publicado originalmente em Raw Earth Ink: words. that pleasurable idea. a shifting image. soul-burn seeks a source. salt-trails down pink cheeks. cracked open ribs. velvet touch. a whisper behind the ear. black ink melts away impurities. the fog of injustice. the cooling of passion. missed road signs. misunderstood innuendos. balm of courage. more than runes…

Poetry — johncoyote

Fantoches macabros —

POR ANTÔNIO CARLOS DE ALMEIDA CASTRO “Reconheço hoje que falhei; só pasmo, às vezes, de não ter previsto que falharia. Que havia em mim que prognosticasse um triunfo? Eu não tinha a força cega dos vencedores, ou a visão certa dos loucos… Era lúcido e triste como um dia frio.” Fernando Pessoa, O Livro do Desassossego O […]

Fantoches macabros —

The Music That Makes You Forget The World For A While: ‘Anchor’ by Novo Amor | What Does The Song Say — INTROVERSION

What does the song say? What is the meaning of the Song ‘Anchor’ by Novo Amor? I am pretty sure, the lyrics of this track can be interpreted in many ways. To me, it felt like a longing, for someone or something familiar, that you lost, and that you know is not coming back, yet you wish they do.

The Music That Makes You Forget The World For A While: ‘Anchor’ by Novo Amor | What Does The Song Say — INTROVERSION

Miracles Do Happen — Well Spring of God’s Love

I have made some posts in the past about miracles but I will give a brief synopsis here again. Many people who viewed that last post about the Coronavirus and being effectively cautious despite a strong faith in God wondered why God wouldn’t provide us a miracle to be protected or healed? There is a […]

Miracles Do Happen — Well Spring of God’s Love

‘Secret, — Jojo Al-waealy

The beauty inside had to be my willow tree. Here we are, strangers apart, as we could see. With slow rising hope as I waltz with the sea. I remember the nights shallowly taking me. I reach out, before time, to hold your hand. To where we once were we would fall asleep on land. […]

‘Secret, — Jojo Al-waealy

bit by bit, little by little — Daydreaming as a profession

there were times when she bit and chewed the inside of her elbow to spit the bits of flesh and the blood on her grandma but those times were over almost forgotten along with the teachings that her blood is poisoned because she was conceived with the wrong woman, meaning not the one grandmother intended for her father But today all those people were dead. Only father was alive He was all right. A hard working man, busy with life busy enough not to notice that his daughter is constantly sprinkling ashes in his food and coffee He’d almost consumed the contents of his mother’s urn there’s just a bit left

bit by bit, little by little — Daydreaming as a profession