Think About the Consequences

From Behind the Pen

Lost Places, Abandoned, Door, Old, Entrance, Ailing
Image Credit: MichaelGaida

Vicious behavior
following unsound doctrine
what were they thinking?
If your friends jumped off the bridge, would you jump too? Whose mother probably didn’t say this or something similar to it growing up? Now, we did a few wild and crazy things, whether in high school or college, but they never involved anything that was intentionally destructive to people or property.
I just read a disturbing article that still leaves me extremely baffled by the level of foolishness and the amount of trouble people get themselves into when you think they might know better. Apparently, across the U.S., school officials are dealing with a problem where instances of vandalism to their schools were inspired by a viral TikTok challenge known as “devious licks.” I never heard about this before, but talk about that shake-your-head, frown-on-your-face, hands on your hips question that screams WHY?

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