Ice and Rainbows at Christmas

St Chrysostom's Church News and Views

The Rev Francis Kilvert wrote in his diary for Christmas Day 1870 in the village of Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire. That morning was so cold that Kilvert had an unusual bath.

‘As I lay awake praying in the early morning I thought I heard a sound of distant bells. It was intense frost.”

“I sat down in my bath upon a sheet of thick ice which broke in the middle into large pieces whilst sharp points and jagged edges stuck all around the sides of the tub likechevaux de frise, not particularly comforting to the naked thighs and loins, for the keen ice cut like broken glass.

“The ice water stung and scorched like fire. I hadto collect the floating pieces of ice and pile them on a chair before I could use the sponge and then I had to thaw the sponge in my hands for it was…

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