Clyde Bellecourt, Founder of American Indian Movement, Dies at 85 | Democracy Now!

Clyde Bellecourt, co-founder of the American Indian Movement, has died at the age of 85. In 1972, the group organized a major march to D.C. called the Trail of Broken Treaties. Bellecourt was a prominent figure in the occupation of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in 1973. In 2013, we spoke with Bellecourt about the campaign to force the Washington football team to change its racist nameClyde Bellecourt: “We’re putting pressure on the whole world about these racist slurs and this continued cultural genocidal policies of this government. Let’s not forget, there’s over 2,000 high schools, colleges and universities throughout America have changed. They said they would never change, never change their name, just like Dan Snyder, but they have changed. Every single one of them have changed. And so will happen to this Washington team.”In 2020, the Washington NFL team finally retired its old name. Click here to see our full interview with Clyde Bellecourt. His Ojibwe name was Nee-gon-we-way-we-dun, meaning “Thunder Before the Storm.”

Fonte: Clyde Bellecourt, Founder of American Indian Movement, Dies at 85 | Democracy Now!

Käse Lauch Suppe — Herzlich Willkommen bei Lis

Zutaten Sie brauchen: 500 Gramm Hackfleisch, 700 Gramm Lauch, 1 Zwiebel, 1 Knoblauchzehe, 2 Esslöffel Bratfett, 1 Liter Gemüsebrühe, 400 Gramm Schmelzkäse, Salz, Pfeffer – So wird die Käse-Lauch-Suppe gemacht So geht’s: Lauch putzen und in Ringe schneiden. Zwiebel und Knoblauch schälen und fein kleinschneiden. Bratfett in einem hohen Topf erhitzen und Hackfleisch darin krümelig […]

Käse Lauch Suppe — Herzlich Willkommen bei Lis

liquefez-se — Umumbigo

“Penso que terá havido uma explosão cósmica, nem as almas se aproveitaram. Todas estilhaçadinhas, os bocadinhos dispersos, espavoridamente dispersos. No tempo e no espaço. É só identificar e ser identificado. Quero eu dizer: os pedacinhos da nossa alma comum. Nunca sentiste o abalo da identificação. Ficas toda a tremer, mas não se vê. Até gaguejas, […]

liquefez-se — Umumbigo