Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #188: A Special Place

The World Is A Book...

This week, Karina (murtaghsmeadow) leads LAPC: A Special Place. She encourage us to share “the places that are or were special to you and if you can tell us why.”

Austin is the Texas state capitol, Home of the University of Texas of Austin and many high-tech companies. Lady Bird Lake is a special place for college students and energetic/innovative high tech people to paddle, hike, jog, and bike the trails.

Further south of Austin is San Antonio. The Riverwalk is a landmark of the city, and a special place for tourists and local people. It’s uniquely situated at the lower lever of the downtown, filled with trees, bushes, and flowers. You can stroll the lush riverside paths lined with cypress trees, restaurants, shops, museums, and recreation spots. The weekend marketplace provides fresh veggies, fruits, local bakeries, and handcrafts.

The Texas countryside is special to me. Driving through…

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Léa Penteado

Foto : Claudia Schembri

Eu adoro o silencio dos domingos…

Aos domingos não arrumo a cama, tomo café de pijama lendo o jornal no tablet, e nem os passarinhos cantam no meu quintal… Acho que eles sabem que é dia de descanso…

Aos domingos ouço música, como meu pai fazia quando eu era criança… Colocava os discos na vitrola e ficava fazendo alguma coisa, às vezes preparava o fumo para o cachimbo, misturava vários blends numa lata grande e acrescentava casca de maçã em uma operação silenciosa e cuidadosa. Em outras arrumava os próprios discos ou os livros na estante e pouco antes do almoço preparava algum drink especial que levava para mamãe na cozinha e me deixava dar uma bicadinha…

É uma lembrança tão significativa que me faz ouvir música aos domingos como se fosse uma celebração em memória da minha família… Não preciso mais colocar os discos na…

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Palmada pedagógica? “Violência contra as crianças é sempre condenável”

Crianças a torto e a Direitos



Notícia do notíciasaominuto de 22 de fevereiro de 2022.

O Instituto de Apoio à Criança (IAC) defende que “a violência contra as crianças é sempre condenável” e, como tal, inicia esta terça-feira, dia europeu da vítima de crime, uma campanha com o intuito de combater a violência contra as crianças, em particular os castigos corporais. 

Num Press Release divulgado, a instituição afirmou que “os castigos físicos continuam a ser desvalorizados e tolerados”, ação que condenada como “inaceitável, face aos conhecimentos que já possuímos e que demonstram os efeitos negativos da violência”.

A chamada “palmada pedagógica” é, para alguns, segundo o IAC, parte da “convicção de que se educa batendo”. Contudo, estudos sobre esta matéria apontam que as crianças não obedecem mais devido a este método e ficam até “revoltadas” e sentem-se “humilhadas” desde cedo “por serem tratadas, de uma forma indigna e que as desrespeita”. 

Esta campanha, que…

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Why Books Are Life


June 28, 1778: The British and the colonists square off at a site near present-day Freehold, New Jersey. The colonists are led by Gen. Charles Lee, the British by Gen. Henry Clinton.

“Lee planned to surround Clinton’s forces, but the strength of the opposition took him by surprise. After only an hour” the Rebels began a disorganized retreat. Washington was leading the bulk of his army towards the battleground when he began to encounter fleeing groups of soldiers. When he eventually met up with Lee, “Washington simply looked Lee in the eye and asked, whence arises this disorder and confusion, to which Lee had no real reply.” Washington then unleashed “a terrific eloquence of unprintable scorn . . . dismissed Lee and took charge of the battle . . . His presence stopped the retreat . . . His stately appearance on horseback, his calm, dignified courage . . …

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Abstracts in ice, 24 February 2022


It’s been difficult to motivate myself this past week, what with what has been happening in Ukraine. I made these on Tuesday, as news of the invasion was coming in, and wanted to make them yellow and blue, which didn’t work quite as I had intended.

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Repeat after me, I am not a Victim!

PTSD - A Way Out.com

Yes I suffer at times, I am in pain at times, but I take daily action, I resist, I fight to live in this moment.




What do we call ourselves, a work in progress, a fighter, a survivor, a wounded soul, who cares?

We try not to judge, not to ruminate, thinking is the path that leads to victimhood.

We have to filter our life, our abuse, through our heart space, not our brain.

Cognitively my life makes no sense, most abused kids would agree with that statement.

Life is unfair, to be born into a family, where the giant male caregiver is a violent narcissist brings a heavy burden and a life companion called fear.

This is my challenge in life. This is my life!

Judge your life as egregiously unfair, and this victim anthem will be your swan song.

I accept my plight, even though…

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Embroidered Sculptures Recreate Lifelike Mushrooms, Lichen, and Fungi in Thread | Colossal



All images © Amanda Cobbett

Amanda Cobbett suspends a singular moment in the fleeting lives of fungi by stitching their likeness in thread. The textile artist photographs and gathers specimens that she brings back to her Surrey Hills-based studio, where she finds fibers to match pale green lichens and golden chanterelles. Using a free-motion embroidery technique on a sewing machine, she then stitches multiple layers onto a piece of dissolvable fabric that, once the organism is complete, is washed away to leave just the mushroom or mossy bark intact. As a scroll through her Instagram reveals, the resulting sculptures are so realistic in color, shape, and size that it’s difficult to distinguish the artist’s iterations from their counterparts. […]

More: Embroidered Sculptures Recreate Lifelike Mushrooms, Lichen, and Fungi in Thread

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Eu quero Cristo em minha vida!

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