Repeat after me, I am not a Victim!

PTSD - A Way

Yes I suffer at times, I am in pain at times, but I take daily action, I resist, I fight to live in this moment.



What do we call ourselves, a work in progress, a fighter, a survivor, a wounded soul, who cares?

We try not to judge, not to ruminate, thinking is the path that leads to victimhood.

We have to filter our life, our abuse, through our heart space, not our brain.

Cognitively my life makes no sense, most abused kids would agree with that statement.

Life is unfair, to be born into a family, where the giant male caregiver is a violent narcissist brings a heavy burden and a life companion called fear.

This is my challenge in life. This is my life!

Judge your life as egregiously unfair, and this victim anthem will be your swan song.

I accept my plight, even though…

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