To be Loved by Adele

Ouso Escrever

This music from Adele always makes me think how much people really try to nurture their intimate relationships. How far they know their’s partners’ needs. How much they communicate with each other adequately. Love died, or hidden internal issues and wounds are getting on the way? What connection and intimacy assumptions were built over time? Truly, this song can be a great moment for self-reflection.

Rare are the relationships where the couple speaks the same language. Or those who bravely navigate with wisdom the turbulent waters of emotional inadequacy. It’s easier, without judgment, to give up and find a more “attractive flame”.

Recently someone asked if I’m willing to date again. My answer was no, one honest no. My focus now is on my academic journey and building a better life after finishing it. I know I don’t have attachment issues, and it is easier to connect with someone else…

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