Quem matou Bruno e Dom? — Altamiro Borges

Por Gilson Reis, na revista CartaCapital:O indigenista Bruno Araújo Pereira, servidor licenciado da Funai (Fundação Nacional do Índio) e o jornalista Dom Phillips, correspondente do jornal The Guardian, foram assassinados de maneira bárbara, covarde e desumana no estado do Amazonas. A princípio, governo federal, Polícia Federal, Forças Armadas e Ministério Público ficaram inertes diante da…

Quem matou Bruno e Dom? — Altamiro Borges

Surprised by the Fed — Gerbil News Network

The Fed Should Surprise Us. Headline, The Wall Street Journal I have come to the headquarters of The Federal Reserve System, the nation’s central bank, on a mission: from everything I’ve seen and heard on the news, all hell is about to break loose, and I want to be at ground zero when it happens. […]

Surprised by the Fed — Gerbil News Network

Answers To Inflation — In Saner Thought

As the country is in the grip of runaway inflation especially on gas and food all our politicians are scrambling to look for answers ahead of the upcoming elections….and there are many solutions none of which will do much for us mere mortals. The GOP has some big ideas….. House Republicans gathered this week for […]

Answers To Inflation — In Saner Thought