Untainted Grace

Poet's Corner

Her head held high, wearing her crown with dignity

Proud of the woman she claimed to be

Carefree of all of life’s mishaps

Life happened to her in a split second

Dragging her pride and her head down with it

As her head continued to hang low the crown started to slowly slip off her head

The once sparkling jewels became a testament of her demise

The mist that rose from her sorrow as the cold tears hit her hot cheeks

Tainted her crown, filling it with rust that clung to the hinges of her heart

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Potrivit unei Ordonanţe de Urgenţă a Guvernului adoptată recent, foştii preşedinţi beneficiază pe durata vieţii de mai multe drepturi, printre care posibilitatea de a folosi gratuit o locuinţă de protocol, în care să se regăsească şi cabinetul de lucru, încadrat cu un post de consilier şi un post de secretar. Totul însă vine în plus faţă de reşedinţa oficială a foştilor şefi de stat pe care RA-APPS o pune la dispoziţia acestora.

Pe de altă parte, tot în OUG se arată că foştii preşedinţi pot folosi gratuit o altă casă, pe o perioadă de maxim 12 luni, dacă la imobilul care le este atribuit cu destinaţia de reşedinţă au loc lucrări de reparaţii semnificative. Locuinţa provizorie trebuie să se încadreze în criterii clare: să nu fie mai mare de 200 mp.

OUG a fost adoptată având în vedere obligaţia Regiei Autonome “Administraţia Patrimoniului Protocolului de Stat” (RA-APPS) de a atribui…

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Free Hindi ebooks

मैं एक घर के करीब से गुज़र रहा था की अचानक से मुझे उस घर के अंदर से एक बच्चे की रोने की आवाज़ आई। उस बच्चे की आवाज़ में इतना दर्द था कि अंदर जा कर वह बच्चा क्यों रो रहा है, यह मालूम करने से मैं खुद को रोक ना सका। अंदर जा कर मैने देखा कि एक माँ अपने दस साल के बेटे को आहिस्ता से मारती और बच्चे के साथ खुद भी रोने लगती। मैने आगे हो कर पूछा बहनजी आप इस छोटे से बच्चे को क्यों मार रही हो? जब कि आप खुद भी रोती हो। उस ने जवाब दिया भाई साहब इस के पिताजी भगवान को प्यारे हो गए हैं और हम लोग बहुत ही गरीब हैं, उन के जाने के बाद मैं लोगों के घरों में काम करके घर और इस की पढ़ाई का खर्च बामुश्किल उठाती हूँ और यह कमबख्त स्कूल रोज़ाना…

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‘Extremely Dissatisfied’ China Blames India for Border Disagreement — Indian officials talk to Russia about a deal with China

Peace and Freedom

BEIJING — China laid the blame at India’s door on Monday for an altercation along their border in the western Himalayas involving soldiers from both of the Asian giants.

Both countries’ troops have been embroiled in an eight-week-long standoff on the Doklam plateau in another part of the remote Himalayan region near their disputed frontier.

Last week, a source in New Delhi, who had been briefed on the military situation on the border, said soldiers foiled a bid by a group of Chinese troops to enter Indian territory in Ladakh, near Pangong lake.

Some of the Chinese soldiers carried iron rods and stones, and troops on both sides suffered minor injuries in the melee, the source said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that last Tuesday, Chinese border forces were carrying out “normal” patrols on the Chinese side of the actual…

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The What of Things

Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


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The What of Things

Open a dictionary
and look up disaster.
It’s Monday,
my right hand
grips the teaspoon,
my left hand
sends the archduke
to explore the wound.
An exhibit of my voice
pounds my gut
and I ask no one in particular
why do I always sound
just like
a child, begging for a mercy kill.
a junction
of oregano, magenta lace skirts
drooping to the floor,
dripping sorrow down
into the mausoleum of the carpet,
one knife for chicken breasts, one for
potatoes, one for butter, one for peaches,
names like tremolo,
like angel corpses
falling of the edge of a broken lip
into the mass grave of wherevers floor;
my appartment with no doors,
my soul is dead, and bored
from mundane chores
of sweeping, and raking, and picking and taking
and splicing the sunshine like
A and B and O, like

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