The Death Of Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili — In Saner Thought

Who? Let’s take a trip in the “way back” machine….. When I was at university I took a course on Russian history….now there is a subject with everything……sex, intrigue, murder, espionage, war etc…… Back to the question…..who? Nobody special in Russian history….but you may know him by his “other” name….Josef Stalin. His death was just […]

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CFFC: President Harrison’s House — Wanderlust and Wonderment

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is “Dishes, Pots, Pans, Silverware.” When visiting Indianapolis a year ago, my husband and I toured the home of PresidentBenjamin Harrison, the only president from Indiana that established residence there. Guided tours take visitors through the house. Benjamin Harrison (grandson of president William Henry Harrison who died after […]

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Czeslawa Kwoka, the 14-year-old inmate of Auschwitz, 1942

Czeslawa Kwoka, age 14, appears in a prisoner identity photo provided by the Auschwitz Museum, taken by Wilhelm Brasse while working in the photography department at Auschwitz, the Nazi-run death c…

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Iran: A “What If” — In Saner Thought

Iran has been in the news lately….it seems that some in the Trump power cliche is not happy with the Iranian nuke deal and the chest thumping has started…..and since I do like my history I thought I would propose a ‘what if’ scenario….. In 1954 the US was involved in a coup in Guatemala […]

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Who Killed JFK? — In Saner Thought

Since JFK’s death in Dallas there have been so many theories about his death….from the Mafia to the Cubans to the Russians to….well you pick someone and they have been implicated in his death…. Does anyone really know the truth? Does anyone know who was behind the assassination of an American president? John F. Kennedy […]

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O Galo e a Morte | Tendências do imaginário

Uma mulher diz a outra que teve um situação de emergência médica: “O galo rondou esta casa, deu várias voltas, mas foi cantar a outro sítio”. Por sinal, alguém faleceu na mesma noite. O galo é um s…

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