Quite echos — johncoyote

Quiet echos and secluded places A Poem by Coyote Poetry We will hold many penances for things done and missed. Quiet echos and secluded places The coffee shop poet told the young listener. Great oceans rise and fall and the wind cannot be locked up and love is not free. We will decay and […]

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The Sad Bard — noblethemes

This bard tries to write but the words no longer come, Like some long-lost friend always round the next bend, And he sends urgent messages beckoning them home So he can pen his tome, but the fickle words elude him To the pain of his heart since he cannot gain their love, Though again n’ […]

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May the force be with you – Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Today I pray for you May the force be with you May the barbed roads turn into a rosy bed May the all, where you stuck start flowing May all those who hurt you ask your pardon May the power to forgi…

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One Tree on a Hill — noblethemes

One tree on the hill standing strong, standing tall Through summer and winter, spring and fall — This aged tree has stood the test for the best — And what has she seen through fat years and lean? So many foibles of humanity born of pure insanity, But also beauty, bravery and much love from […]

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Words — johncoyote

First words, last words A Poem by Coyote Poetry Words can have great power. False words can break a heart forever. Word of true love can make us desire the moon and the stars. First words, last words Words can be powerful tools. Can awake the fearful and dead in heart. Sweet love, eternal […]

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Sete — Dulcineia’s Weblog

Pelas sete da tarde é que o sonho começa: a tua mão na minha e a minha cabeça encostada ao teu ombro. Depois é o assombro do amor reencontrado a sós no nosso canto. O silêncio e o espanto a paixão o segredo a recusa do medo o meu falar alegre o teu livro tão […]

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