This poem is whole. — a.mermaid’spen_

I have heardpeople complainingabout writersnot writingtheir whole heart,always tryingto hide some part.And I have seenpeople trying toexplorethe unknown;like writersare not people,like they arenot their own.And I always thinkwhy is that so after all?So hereI’m puttingmy whole heart(with all the pieces)in this poemand nowThis poem is whole.

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our ghosts. — Lucy’s Works

our ghosts accompany loneliness… mirrors of distant memory find to the dusk like at sea a memento in a dream that eludes me and floats… Orange blossoms into Ophelia’s violets and the granitic rocks rush to the red dust for how quietly time has passed through the statuary of rock […]

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No mas amor — johncoyote

No mas amor The drunkest man at the Trujillo beach bar had learned to love the silence. Now he enjoyed the Honduras rum and the empty sea. Once he was the bravest man, Hemingway whiskey and too much sorrow had taught him. Love can live and love can die. Men love war over kindness and […]

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In sogno — annamosca

* sognare è qualcosa per cui vivo e quando vivo mi sembra di sognare tu questa cosa non l’hai mai capita tranne una volta ormai non ti vedevo da mesi mi hai sognata tutta arancione ed ero bellissima mi hai detto ecco una volta ti sei lasciato scappare che ero bellissima . . .

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I love my friends~by Bijoy Bhakat — OUR POETRY CORNER

I love my friends I love my friends I love my life.. my high and low struggle and strive.. I love joy sorrow Today , tomorrow .. Day and night wrong and right.. And That’s why … I can’t think I can’t imagine that.. one day I have to leave one day I […]

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Quite echos — johncoyote

Quiet echos and secluded places A Poem by Coyote Poetry We will hold many penances for things done and missed. Quiet echos and secluded places The coffee shop poet told the young listener. Great oceans rise and fall and the wind cannot be locked up and love is not free. We will decay and […]

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The Sad Bard — noblethemes

This bard tries to write but the words no longer come, Like some long-lost friend always round the next bend, And he sends urgent messages beckoning them home So he can pen his tome, but the fickle words elude him To the pain of his heart since he cannot gain their love, Though again n’ […]

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