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Foto aqui The first-century Roman statesman and philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicerowrote: “There is, I assure you, a medical art for the soul. It is philosophy, whoseaid need not be sought, as in bodily diseases, from outside ourselves. We mustendeavor with all our resources and strength to become capable of doctoringourselves.” This is what Socrates tried […]

Para pensar — Conversamos?!…

bom mesmo — bálsamo benigno

bom mesmo é vagabundear ruasouvir o balbuciar das gentesfitar uma flor perdida no baldio. (até que o mar e sua franja de espumamolhe seus pés cansadose a dor tombe diante do inesperado salto). bom mesmo é vagabundear astrosperfumar-se nos antros dos enamorados. depois ir ao encontro das moscasbater um papo com seus brejosperder o norte […]

bom mesmo — bálsamo benigno

August Dreams — Journey Home

We’re well into tomato season in the garden. Not to the point of hurling them at passersby, yet close. Amish Paste, German Pink, Mortgage Lifter, Black Krim, Speckled Roman, Granadero, Boxcar Willie, Abe Lincoln, Martha Washington and other tomato varieties sound exotic. Each is vying for best of crop and a repeat planting next year. […]

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My Endless Love — Lebana’s Journey |Prose and Poetry|

Hello, dearest friends! Greetings from the Philippines! Love is the most sublime feeling we could ever experience in this planet. It brings unexpected smiles in our faces and things we couldn’t explain. Here, I crafted a simple poem expressing my intense feeling and admiration to the person who holds my heart right now. Hope that […]

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|Prose and Poetry|

Millenarianism — Personal Concerns

the political establishes its credo well so does the economic and the cultural reprehensible personalities ruling and set to rule going Greek and not Dutch and a new film star each day is the social set for a revamp? one would never know atleast the religious says so!

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our ghosts. — Lucy’s Works

our ghosts accompany loneliness… mirrors of distant memory find to the dusk like at sea a memento in a dream that eludes me and floats… Orange blossoms into Ophelia’s violets and the granitic rocks rush to the red dust for how quietly time has passed through the statuary of rock […]

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Meu sexto livro: O Filho Pródigo – Um ensaio sobre a culpa, a virtude e o perdão — Blog do Flavio Siqueira

Há quase dez anos comecei meu trabalho na internet. No começo foi o blog e eu não imaginava o que viria depois. Na verdade nunca fiz muitos planos. Enquanto o blog crescia veio o primeiro livro e depois outros. Vieram a rádio Inverso, os encontros, o canal no YT, os programas de TV, as palestras, […]

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O teatro morto — carlos emerson junior

“Então sonhei um sonho tão bom: sonhei assim: na vida nós somos artistas de uma peça de teatro absurdo escrita por um Deus absurdo. Nós somos todos os participantes desse teatro: na verdade nunca morreremos quando acontece a morte. Só morremos como artistas. Isso seria a eternidade?” (Clarice Lispector) Foi a primeira vez que viu […]

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Never was there more hollowness at heart than at present (Walt Whitman) — Biblioklept

I say we had best look our times and lands searchingly in the face, like a physician diagnosing some deep disease. Never was there, perhaps, more hollowness at heart than at present, and here in the United States. Genuine belief seems to have left us. The underlying principles of the States are not honestly believ’d […]

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