CONTRA TEMER E GLOBO: Principais aeroportos do país irão parar nessa sexta-feira na GREVE GERAL; CONFIRA AQUI!

UOLOs aeroviários dos principais aeroportos brasileiros devem paralisar suas atividades na próxima sexta-feira (28) em adesão à greve geral convocada pelas cen

Fonte: CONTRA TEMER E GLOBO: Principais aeroportos do país irão parar nessa sexta-feira na GREVE GERAL; CONFIRA AQUI!

To love a butterfly

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Too love a butterfly

Is a love you’ll never know

If you’re not ready you shouldn’t try

This is a dangerous game

To let love decide if you die
But I loved a butterfly

My storm in the night

You’re the only right

Woman I tell you this is true

It’s almost unhealthy

How much I love you…

how you get me through

If only everyone knew

How it felt to be in love with a butterfly

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São só lágrimas

O mundo da Lunna

De onde nascem os ensaios fotográficos? O que carregamos dentro de nós, como uma matéria submersa e indigesta, que precisa emergir?

Do que são feitos nossos gritos, qual a verdadeira cor da nossa voz, quando finalmente se liberta da polidez pecaminosa?

Com minha câmera, tento captar minha angústia, talvez nomeá-la; sei e não sei do que ela é feita, sei e não sei dos meus choros presos, sei que lágrimas abundantes nos refazem, assim como expressar a si mesmo, não importa pra quem, e pra quê. Ou importa?

No fluxo insano dos dias, um domingo me obriga a parar, contemplar e captar: ferrugens disfarçadas e rostos sem olhos. Olhos sem sorrisos. Sorrisos secos e vontades lacrimosas.

Respire fundo, meu ser sensato exige, depois que me esvaziei por dentro, porque a segunda-feira começa. Afinal, isso são só lágrimas.






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Inky Night

Poems in a Coffer

How I love
to rub the inky night
between my palms
crafting verses
of caged emotions
looking for an outlay
fluttering desperately
their unfurled wings

and how I love
to wake up with
hands stained
of leaky thoughts
smudging the darkness
clinging to the gloom
with both my hands
as the tremors
of tribulations
wreck my body
and push my mind
towards the abyss.


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The Coast


I’ve got a lot of compliments for you
Cause your pink hair’s flowing like the sunshine on my skin
The end of winter has left my heart paper thin
And I think twenty is the most scared I’ve ever been
If you stay I think I can be brave
Maybe I’m hard wired to chase the glistening in your blue eyes
That remind us of diamonds and why men chase them

I wanna be the makeup pallet you use
So I can kiss your skin daily
And honestly that would be a dream
But if I’m being honest I’d rather kiss your lips
Little velvet tangerines could decorate the floor
I hate making promises cause I’m not sure
I’m ever good enough to keep them
But I’ll learn what it means to keep score

If the coast is where your home is
Then I guess the coast is where my…

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Drunk Moons & Sober Suns


I got this feeling you’re right
When I talk about pastel blue
Matching the purple in you
Maybe the timing’s just off but
Let’s create a synthetic sky under the sea
While you use my lungs to breathe
Under the waves
And when we come up for air I’ll scream at the moon
For disappearing so fast

I want you to sing me to sleep
So I can tattoo your words skin deep
I’ll sing along
And tell myself to forget every other song

My insomnia’s growing
Without a you and me,
My lips are drying out without yours
While this wine tastes bitter compared to your lips
So I guess now there’s nothing I can do
But scream at a drunken sun
For coming up so fast on all our nights shared

I want you to sing me to sleep
So I can tattoo your words skin deep

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