Brasil greva e protesta contra o golpe das reformas


Ruas fechadas por barricadas da greve geral, na manhã desta sexta-feira, no Rio.


Povo nas ruas defendendo seus direitos, em Pau dos Ferros-RN.


Multidão protesta no centro de BH, na praça da Estação, ao meio-dia desta sexta.


Padres franciscanos nas ruas de SP contra o golpe das reformas.

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Mi cuerpo de agua

Mi lengua nativa

Mi cuerpo de agua

Se evapora con la brisa

Se condensa, se acumula

Cae del cielo en lagrimitas.

Corre libre por los ríos

Cascadas y raudales

Duerme entre los lagos

Y juega en manantiales.

Ya cansado de viajar

Impaciente en tierras bajas

Se filtra sigiloso

A descansar en aguas calmas.

Poema seleccionada como parte de la colección “Your body of water” Poetry on busses 2017. En el que aparecerá tanto en portal digital cómo en un transporte publico de la ciudad de Seattle, WA.


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Last Gas


Out in New Mexico.

I seem to be stuck in a western mode. That could be telling me something. Maybe a long road trip is due. But, it would be really long. I’m not going to take this trip many more times. So, I probably should make the best of it. And, just go.

Of course, there are complications. I have to fit it into an already busy schedule. And, then there is Storyteller. I don’t have the need to take a break like I did last summer. I fixed that overworked problem. Now, I look forward to working here. Like many things, it was mostly an attitude adjustment. I suppose  that I could do what I really never do, and post from the road. The easiest way to do that is to photograph some scenes twice. Once with cameras and once with my smart phone.

I’m also trying to…

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Knackered Up

The Wombwell Rainbow

his outbuildings, more out than they should be. Outside bog still hung with bogroll newspaper he cuts up himself. He used to keep pigeons but they all died of rat poison he scattered after spotting droppings in their cage. Entry way made for horse and trap still echoes to cobbles not concreted over. Red bricks still marked “Wombwell brickworks” or “Wombwell Colliery”.Flatcapped in shirtsleeves he saws wood folk leave in the entryway to feed his grate. He says “I’m a modern man”.

via Daily Prompt: Knackered

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Have We Just Reached Peak Stock Market Absurdity?


Source: The Economic Colapse blog, by Michael Snyder 

Have you ever wondered how tech companies that have been losing hundreds of millions of dollars year after year can somehow be worth billions of dollars according to the stock market?  Because I run a website called “The Economic Collapse“, there are naysayers out there that take glee in mocking me by pointing out how well the stock market has been doing.  This week, the Dow is flirting with 21,000 and the Nasdaq crossed the 6,000 threshold for the first time ever.  But a lot of the “soaring stocks” that have been fueling this rally have been losing giant mountains of money every single year, and just like the first tech bubble this madness will eventually come to an end in a spectacular fiery crash in which investors will lose trillions of dollars.

Anyone that cannot see that we are…

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