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serás sempre maior que o pensamento

tu que cantaste maio
e foi numa madrugada de abril
tu que foste a toupeira
e cantaste o sol e nos levaste a agarrá-lo

serás sempre maior que o pensamento

as tuas palavras a tua voz
são ainda tu aqui agora

duas sílabas um nome
um grito uma canção um protesto
uma revolta um princípio
uma alavanca um não desistir
aqui agora sempre

serás sempre maior que o pensamento

30 anos depois
não há depois
há o futuro todo

serás sempre maior que o pensamento

(abril, a 25)

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Scrivere è una colpa

Letras & Poesía

Se suponía que dibujar, pulverizar la sangría,

hacer un elefante, una casa con chimenea,

luchar de cerca, pensar en las nubes violetas,

probar los resortes

hasta que los besos fueran una excusa,

darle al vientre todas las experiencias,

llovizna y agua que lenta crezca,

siempre fui con miedo a perderme,

sombras concretas conversan

qué hacer con la pausa,

convertir todo en puré

y nadie sepa

la sinrazón revelada.

¿Qué contemplan ojos perdidos?

Cada guiño metasífico,

el amor con forma de bibliotecaria,

la extrapolación en italiano,

cada alteración perfumada,

preguntar que acá o allá,

reemplazar la fuente llena de fruta

tal vez por otro elefante,

pero seamos serios,

nada enaltece,

todo es una clara imagen

que siempre alguien mal canta.

Se scrivere è una colpa,

chi mi ascolta?

Por: Luciano Verdi (Argentina)

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Missing you like fever


My breathing is strained , bronchi clogged ...a needle in the throat ... fever rises in my blood , eyes burn ..... bones are felt in side the legs.. muscles are sore...head is heavy with your thoughts...back aches of a time when I was fighting invasion.... someone plucked out the pink flowers... Why ? For a God who roams the graveyards , wears ash and conquers death ?  I hear the distant chants your songs.....winter ended last night with your dreams. My body is missing the dream ... wanting more fever ..missing you is better than forgetting .... ah it must be delirium.... lucid intervals....

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4 Ways Longshot Island Helps Emerging Authors


The Beauty of Words

Let’s face it–this writing gig is tough. We pour out our hearts on paper, and then we try to get people to read our words. And they’re already busy.


1) Longshot Island can help. I’ve known Daniel White, editor of Longshot Island, for a couple years now, and I can state that he has excellent taste and is absolutely trustworthy. If you submit, he won’t spam you with an author package on sale this week only. But he might publish your work, and that’s the first way they can help us. We all need publications, and Longshot Island has already featured one of my short stories (, so it’s not like you have to be famous to be considered.

My tale happens to be fantasy, but that’s not the only genre they’re interested in. To quote from their site: “We are looking for mainstream fiction. We want stories…

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Like Me on Facebook

Pearls Before Swine

So, yes. I’m back on Facebook. Well, sort of. My personal page is currently inactive but I had to edit my business page for business purposes and have decided to leave it up (for business purposes). At least temporarily as I prepare to release another book.

If you have not already liked it, please stop through and LIKE Literary Korner Publishing. I don’t post a lot but I will keep it up long enough to post updates on the book. I have also added a few events.

For those of you at work or in route, you can always find it on my blog sidebar as well (under the comments where it used to be).

Also, do not forget to explore The Author Media Kit in my sidebar. I will be updating it soon but it has all my social media handles (I’m not active on all of them…

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Amnesty Intl Calls Out Trump Rhetoric

Eat Pray Vote

By Andrew Witzel

Social media has been on fire with allegations and comparisons of our dear President Trump to that crazy guy from Germany that nearly took over the world during WWII.  Comparisons of our current leaders to leaders of the past are par for the course for the Internet, nothing about that is a surprise.  It is an entirely different ball game when a foreign organization, like Amnesty International, makes the comparison of Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign and beyond to that of Hitler.

In their annual report, that covers 159 countries, they said principles of human dignity and equality had come under assault from politicians and at the center of their target was Trump.  The world has become a darker place and unstable place according to their report, due to a rise in hate speech targeting refugees that has spread across Europe and the United States.

Donald Trump’s…

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