Kim Jong Un analiza situación interna y desafíos externos de la RPDC


Pyongyang, 8 oct (PL) El presidente de la República Popular Democrática de Corea (RPDC), Kim Jong Un, analizó hoy de manera exhaustiva la situación interna y los desafíos del país en la escena internacional, durante la sesión plenaria del Partido de los Trabajadores.

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The Ocean~by William Thomas Fearby


The Ocean

I went down for a long walk to the ocean shore
like I had done many hundreds of times before
just by chance I saw your beautiful image standing there
through your silhoutte I caught a blaze of auburn hair

you turned around and at that instant took my breath away
I was rooted to the spot and knew at that moment I had to stay
the moonlight framed your beauty your perfume hung everywhere
the sound of the lapping tide was like sweet music in the air

it was love at first sight that moment that our eyes first met
I knew that I had to have you or face a lifetime of regret
we sat and talked for hours listening to the waves ebb and flow
and as the dawn started to break through you said I have to go

my heart started breaking because I…

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