In Others' Words...

It just kind of showed me that it’s okay, you know what I mean? And that there are people out there living healthy, happy lives and are absolutely fine, and who happen to be gay, as well.

Troye Sivan


Today is National Coming Out Day.

It is a day dedicated to celebrating acts of bravery.  Imagine what it must be like for a kid, summoning the courage to show who you really are to a family and a world that might turn its back on you, revile you, abandon you, even harm you.  It is a stunning act of valor. To show up at school and stubbornly insist on being who you are, who you were made to be, and face bullying, exclusion, discrimination?  These kids are warriors, make no mistake.  There are battlefields, and there are battlefields.

LGBTQ+ kids are at increased risk for violence, sexual assault,

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