Life is so incomplete

Rationalising The Universe

This post won’t be as melancholy as the title may suggest; it forms part of my quest to acquire the basic ingredients of human existence. Mathematics is the unspoken language of nature, in which we must strive to achieve fluency if we are to bask in the richness of the universe in which we are marooned. When we speak in our mother tongue we tend not to concern ourselves with proof. We may perceive a distinction between a “lie” and the “truth” but we allow for expression of opinion, without which the world would be much more honest but considerably less interesting. Take the statement I can’t go to drinks this evening, I am really busy. How taken aback you would be if the response to your statement was; prove it? Conversely, if I came to you with a statement for finding the nth prime number in the language of mathematics, how taken aback would I be if the…

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