Changes, part 4

Devious Bloggery

We sit
in a circle
not because
it signifies unity
but because
we have a
360 {degree}
televison screen

It shows
episodes of
Punky Brewster
on an
infinite loop
and together
in a circle
we watch

We glean
different bits
as we sit
though each
of us watch
the exact
same episode
at the exact same time

I see
a young girl
by her mother,
goddamned Susan Brewster,
but it can’t be too bad
’cause Punky hasn’t yet
eaten Brandon

Our daughter
sees a brown dog,
and ridiculous
shoes, and wonders
if an old man
would stop to help
if she were left
alone in Chicago

My wife
eyes Henry
wants to trust
he’s got nothing
but Punky’s best interests
guiding his lonely,
weary heart

Our son
thinks Cherie
is a saint
and sounds bitter
when he says,
”In real life,
they’d just
call the cops”

We sit

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