the symphony of love

Love it Now

in the space between my thoughts
I hear your heartbeat
spotlessly clean
it crosses the distance
impossible to cross physically

and then it penetrate my chest
blending with my own beats
like an inspired orchestra
they play
hitting the highnotes of the love symphony

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10 Incredible Eco Lodges Around the World: Indulge Yourself and Save the Planet.

The Shooting Star

In the silence of the forest, I can hear my own heart beating. Beating fast. Somewhere in the distance, two shining eyes are moving swiftly, looking for prey. Deeper in the wilderness, a village that has been abandoned by all but five people, is keeping vigil for wild boars and porcupines who threaten their crops. With the night jar’s call for company and leopards and other wild animals lurking outside, I tuck in to sleep in one of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary’s only four private estates, dating back to 1856 – refurbished by its young heirs with solar energy for power, an organic farm for most of its produce, and legendary stories that have been handed down through the generations.

Long ago, when I adopted a nomadic life, I imagined that traveling responsibly – conscious of my impact on the local people and the environment – meant slumming it out. That if…

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The Untrained Master by Joel F

Joys of Joel

The Untrained Master. ernest hemingway quote, joys of joel beautiful love poems, rhyming poem about love, love quote, the untrained master The Untrained Master –

I thought i am the master
until i was enslaved by you

Nothing could be more true
than what Ernest Hemingway once knew

No matter how many times
we’ve been through it

We’ll always be the apprentice
who’ll never say adieu.

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Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

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Forma e experiência

Leituras contemporâneas - Narrativas do Século XXI

Por Davi Lara


Crédito da imagem: Karl Tabery, Shrouded Figure 2, 1974-5

O prólogo de Jorge Luis Borges para A invenção de Morel (1940), o livro de estreia de Adolfo Bioy Casares, é geralmente lembrado pela frase final na qual ele afirma que, após ter discutido os pormenores da trama com o autor e de reler a novela, não lhe parece um exagero qualificá-la de perfeita. Por mais que pareça uma simples frase de efeito, esta declaração é fundamentada por um juízo crítico sólido esboçado nas três ou quatro páginas do prólogo que eu gostaria de trazer para a discussão. Logo de início, Borges estabelece uma distinção radical entre o romance de peripécias e o romance psicológico, posicionando-se francamente a favor do primeiro, em detrimento do segundo.

O romance de peripécias – diz ele – é superior por que assume plenamente seu status de ficção, diferentemente do romance realista moderno…

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