Still not entirely domesticated

Tallis Steelyard

Bartolome Esteban Murillo-658384

I suppose it is inevitable. If two attractive unmarried ladies decide to run a boarding house, specialising in providing homely accommodation for single men; there will be gossip.

All the more so when the aforementioned ladies seemed to have plenty of time to lean out of the windows looking attractive and exchanging cheerful banter with passers-by.

Still to be honest they might have escaped my notice, after all Port Naain is a large city. But Raswil Muldecker the usurer brought the situation to my notice. His was not the outrage of a man worried about the damage loose morals might do to society; his was a more specific outrage. He had a number of clerks, men of undoubted integrity. Single and of sober habit they would live in respectable boarding houses. But over the previous months he’d noticed a worrying trend. One of his clerks would move into the ‘Home…

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How To Work For Your Favourite Rapper

hospey how to

Is it really possible to land your DREAM job, only a handful of months out of college? Apparently so. But I bet you’ve never had afirst day like this before…


Here is how to work for your favourite rapper:

The first day of work is never easy. You hope that your new peers will like you; you hope your new boss will be impressed. Well, today is your first day at your new job… except your job is a cross-country rap-tour, your peers are world-class musicians and your boss, who invited you on said tour, has won a triplet of Grammy awards. He’s 24, and he’s your favorite rapper.

As a 22-year-old yourself, freshly graduated, you harbor the powers of the internet and somehow secure the dream job from your thrifty confines in Sydney, Australia – a temporary shelter from the true responsibilities of the motherland – Canada. Life can…

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Broken Connects the Broken.

Everyone Feels It.


I’m not the only one.The beauty of brokenness cannot be elucidate. Everyone has been broken at some part.A part where they heard the voice of their heart breaking.

I’ve always been attracted to the broken.We are not strangers because we are all broken and that’s enough to connect,to share the feelings we feel.I’m not saying that I can fix you.No,I can’t.I can’t even fix myself.But maybe our hearts become a little lighter when we have someone to talk.Been broken does not mean you have a broken life.Broken is kinda beautiful.You learn,you heal and you’re brave enough to hear your heart’s wisdom through it.There’s a beauty in healing.Healing is grace.

We are not strangers because we know what anguish feels like,what crashing down in agony feels like.How it feels to sleep with a broken heart.How it feels when tears can’t stop and we can’t breathe.We know how to fake a…

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Thank Gaia

By atma anna christ.

The blue oh that blue dreaming blue diving could death be that transparent?
feather of the Egyptian Toth

The morning was sleeping in the deep blue sea then she woke up in the wind
Entered a capsule of the time of judgement
Broken bones for killing an embryo
rotting skin for rotting words
Watching this on a giant screen

Drinking her red wine anticipating a sleepless night
Wearing silver gown and her eyes flashing blue
the man waiting for her was someone from another planet
Looking at his face was a mirror she could see the sea

Mystery this horse race for the non initiates a let down
Death around my shoulder like pearls
and madness in your morning cappuccino…

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#ExcerptWeek – Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni: Real Stories of Afghan Women by Mary Smith — The Write Stuff


This memoir takes the reader on a journey through Afghanistan, meeting the women with whom Mary Smith worked and provides a remarkable insight into their lives. Share in the day-to-day lives of women like Sharifa and Marzia: the dramas, the tears and the laughter. As well as the opportunity to get to know the women, […]

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O grande massacre das árvores

Ecologia dos Saberes

Foto: ReproduçãoIlustração: LPS​Eclode, nessa exclamação de Rilke, a verticalidade totêmica da árvore, o mais majestoso traço de união entre o céu e a terra. Esses versos vêm à mente diante da ameaça de extinção dos maiores seres vivos terrestres do planeta, como o Jequitibá-Rosa, a Peroba-Rosa, a Sumaúma, as Castanheiras do Pará ou mesmo as Sequoias norte-americanas [I]. Mais que isso, vem à mente o temor de um mundo sem florestas. Thomas W. Crowther, da Yale University, à frente de uma equipe de 38 cientistas, nos adverte que já percorremos metade do caminho. “Estimamos que mais de 15 bilhões de árvores são derrubadas a cada ano, e que o número global de árvores diminuiu cerca de 46% desde o início da civilização” [II]. Proposta num artigo da Nature em 2015, essa avaliação acrescenta que, por serem mais densas, as florestas tropicais perdem muito mais árvores. O próximo artigo tratará especificamente…

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